dml_logosmallDan Ladle is a middle aged man, originally born in Dorset, England in 1974. He spent most of his formative years trying to figure out how the universe works, then realised he couldn’t and decided he’d write stories about the worlds he’d like to live in instead.

Dan has worked in numerous exciting jobs, in fields as diverse as environmental science, circuit board manufacturing and information security. He draws on his experiences to make his characters and situations as flawed as reality often seems to be.

He has travelled extensively visiting such far flung destinations as Tobago, Borneo, Crete, Germany and Slough. He recently made the move to Perth in Australia, along with his wife, their son and Snuggles the cat, who is still not sure about the heat.

Dan would like to have more time to write but is too busy having an actual life, Jump is his first book but is unlikely to be his last.